Buying or building an outdoor furnace is only the beginning of your challenges. You still need to figure out how to get all this nice hot water flowing through your house and to you heat distribution network. This may imply infloor heating coils, water radiators and/or transfer coils for forced air furnaces. Each application requires a series of plumbing fixtures. This is a start and we'll add notes about other components to this page as we get time. Enjoy..

Small Hot Water Circulator Pumps :

Circulators are the key piece of plumbing to get the hot water from the outdoor boiler to the distribution network inside your home. They need to be the right type, sized correctly for your system and maintained for long trouble free life. This section is designed to address each of these areas with tips and tricks for getting the right product.

Air Eliminators

Rust is the demolition expert of outdoor furnaces, and its NOT just the corrosion of the boiler housing that is the issue. Find out what you can do to eliminate the creation of rust as much as possible.