Outdoor Wood Boiler Design

How to build an outdoor wood furnace?

There are two reasons why one might be interested in outdoor wood boiler design. You are either interested in buying an outdoor furnace, as I have or you're the tinker'r type and fascinated with the idea of building your own.

Either way, the first step is to know what you don't know! ... Know what questions to ask. Learn what matters and who is full of hot air and offers a fine sales pitch but no technical knowledge to support all that verbiage... I've been told more things than I really want to remember only to find out later that it was totally wrong...

So the best way, at least in my books, if you are really serious about learning how to buy smart or how to build an outdoor wood furnace is to study what is out there on the market. They certainly have a larger research and design budget than any of us normal human beings.... so learn from the masters, here's a few articles on features of outside wood furnace based on models I have studied. I hope it helps you to formulated a plan about what you should buy or build.

Wood Boiler Insulation:

I love the spray on foam. It doesn't sag, get water logged or lose its R value .. but it does have its downside. Read more about the what considerations you might want to make in regards to the insulation when drafting a plan for outdoor wood furnace plans

Should you use antifreeze or just hot water in a home boiler?

Here's some thoughts on the topic, what type of antifreeze to consider, hard water or soft water for make=-up and even a few thoughts about wood boiler water treatment.

Stainless Steel VS Carbon Steel Wood Furnaces?

Some might suggest that stainless steel in an outdoor wood furnace is the only option, but think of your stainless steel exhaust pipe and tell me how you feel. .. understand more about the pro's and con's of various wood options.