Wood Doctor Wood Furnace

Wood Doctor Wood FurnaceWood Doctor™ wood furnaces are made in a range of sizes from 2,000 to 30,000 square foot capacity. Their claim to fame is probably that they make their outdoor wood furnaces out of boiler plate, heavy duty metal plating that is designed to take the heat stresses of a boiler and the corrosion issues associated with wood burning.

Distribution throughout Canada and the US is available for the Wood Doctor™ outdoor wood boiler. Furnaces are retailed through an independent dealer network.

Key Features:


The wood doctor wood furnace is of a rather unusual design with almost a two chamber construction. The wood burns in the front half of the boiler and then combustion air is drawn down through the ash pile to the back half of the boiler to run pin-ball fashion through a series of interference type heat exchanger plates until it reaches a turbo charged draft.

Source of Combustion Air:

A controled damper on the front of the furnace provides combustion air and a powered fan on the rear exhaust draws the gases down through the coals and up and out through the chimney.

Skid Construction:

Each Wood Doctor furnace is mounted on legs for independent placement within your yard, without the need for a cement slab.

Domestic Hot Water:

A dedicated domestic hot water fitting is not available on the Wood Doctor Outdoor Wood Boiler. Furnaces without this design feature can easily be plumbed to include a water to water exchanger in the house to serve this purpose. Some design thought though is important so that this does not constrict the flow on the main loop.


The Wood Doctor Outdoor Wood Boiler has one of the longest warranties in the furnace industry. This is possible because of the heavy duty boiler plate construction that resists corrosion both inside the fire box as well as inside the water reservoir.