Taylor Outdoor Wood Boiler

Taylor outdoor wood boilerThe Taylor outdoor wood boiler is manufactured by Taylor Manufacturing Inc. from Elizabethtown in North Carolina. Like most of its competitors it comes in a number of different models and sizes from the smallest T450HS up to a more sophisticated multi fuel unit.

It has been tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories, offering you a level of confidence in its ability to operate safely.

The Taylor wood furnace is distributed throughout the US and in some select areas of Canada.

Key Features:


The Taylor wood furnace incorporates a stainless steel floor for the water tank with the remainder of the boiler fabricated from carbon steel. They use carbon steel and insulation to create a fire door that can withstand much of the changes in temperature and resist warpage.

Powered Combustion Air:

A blower for powered supply of combustion air comes as standard equipment for the Taylor outdoor wood boiler.

Stainless Steel Flue Pipes :

The Taylor wood furnace is mostly known for its stainless steel flue pipes that exit horizontally from the rear of the fire box to a clean out box on the back of the furnace. The flue pipes then head north to return slightly higher through the water jacket and up a stack mounted on the front of the furnace. The extra travel is designed to provide more efficient heat transfer between water and combustion gases and at the same time allow the ash to drop into the rear clean out box.

Domestic Hot Water:

The Taylor wood furnace is designed specifically with a domestic hot water coil option that can be inserted into the water jacket and then plumbed directly into the house.

Multi- Fuels Units:

The Taylor Waterstove™ is available in a design for alternating use of propane, natural gas or fuel oil as a convenient backup when you are not around to add wood fuel.