Outdoor Wood Boiler Manufacturers

There are numerous wood furnace manufacturers. Boiler designs are unique with each fabricator, with no one company including every "ideal" feature for the best outdoor wood boiler, at least as far as I'm concerned. Here is a list of the big boys.

Central Boiler Wood Furnace:

The ripple top and heat lock baffle are the unique features of this outdoor wood stove. Central Boiler has incorporated these features into their design to encourage more complete combustion and better heat transfer.

Hardy Wood Furnace:

The Hardy Manufacturing Company Inc. out of Philadelphia, Mississippi is one of many US based outdoor wood furnace manufacturers. Boilers are designed for traditional wood fuel with as of yet, no duel-fuel options

Heatmor Wood Furnace:

One of the oldest outdoor wood boiler manufacturers. Their furnaces feature powered air draft, an expansion bladder for boiler water and water cooled burn chamber door for extended life.

Taylor Outdoor Boiler:

Taylor produces a mostly carbon steel outdoor boiler with a rather different arrangement of stainless steel flues that travel some distance through the water jacket for greater heat exchange capacity.

Wood Doctor Wood Furnace:

heatmore outdoor wood furnaces