Hardy Wood Furnace

hardy wood furnaceThe Hardy Outdoor Wood Furnace is a product of the Hardy Manufacturing Company Inc. in Philadelphia, Mississippi. They have been producing outdoor wood boilers since the late 1970's, initially using air as the heat transfer medium and later changing to water offering the flexibility to provide domestic hot water as well as well as water for space heating.

With the use of various types of heat exchangers the hardy boiler, like most outdoor furnaces, can be linked to infloor radiant heating systems, forced air plenums and traditional baseboard water heaters. It is a non-pressurized boiler with a vent to the environment, that eliminates the need for a licensed pipefitter in the installation process.

Hardy wood burning furnaces are sold through a network of independent dealers throughout United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Mexico.

Key Features:

Stainless Steel Fire Box:

The hardy wood burning furnace uses 16 gauge #304 stainless steel for their fire box and 24 and 26 gauge 304 stainless steel for the insulated outer cover, with single door access to the firebox and for ash removal.

Powered Combustion Air:

A blower for powered supply of combustion air comes as standard equipment for the hardy wood burning furnace. This includes a solenoid for automated on-demand damper control.

Fire Box Door:

The fire box door is 16 gauge stainless steel with traditional hinges and latch. It is not fitted with plumbing linked to the water jacket. The door is grooved to allow high temp silicone and cord to create an airtight seal with the boiler box.

Domestic Hot Water:

The Hardy wood furnace is designed specifically with a domestic hot water coil option. Your water supply line is attached to the back of the furnace. Water is circulated in the boiler and returned to your home preheated by your wood burning furnace.

Alternate Fuels:

Hardy does not at this point in time have outdoor wood furnaces adapted for the use of any other fuels, such as corn, coal or oil.