Outdoor Wood Burning Boilers

Outdoor Wood Burning Boilers are todays answer to beat the high cost of heating fuel but this in itself can be expensive if you don't do your homework and ask the right questions.... and get the right advice!

I know because I just went through the effort in an attempt to offset a $600.00 per month bill for electric heat. An outdoor wood boiler seemed to be a logical solution especially because I owned a wood business that generated lots of small hardwood offcuts... essentially a free fuel that had to be disposed of in some fashion or other.

I learnt to ask lots of questions, in fact the same questions to multiple people until I found some common thread. Lots of people talk, but few have done their research adequately to give you a clear and concise answer to many of your questions.

This site is about what I should have learnt about an outdoor wood burning boiler before I purchased! Enjoy